Still More Progress on the Storage Cabinet...


I spent a lot of time today just ripping boards for the door mounts and door panels.  Because I work alone in the garage and often use only pieces of scrap lumber to push wood past the spinning table saw blade, I figured it was time I made a permanent tool for this job.

What you see here is the product of two ½" MDF boards glued together and then cut out with a jig saw.  The forward lip allows me to both push and stabilize the board I'm cutting as it moves past the blade.  Best of all, it keeps my fingers out of harm's way in the event of kickback.  This tool may look crufty, but it is elegant in its function and simplicity.

Home-made tool for moving boards on the table saw

Anyway, after a whole lot of prep work, I finally managed to mount the first pair of cabinet doors to the frame.  The fit is a little tight where the door edges meet, and I'll be fixing that tomorrow.  That said, the overall installation went very well and I think progress will pick up speed as I install the remaining 14 cabinet doors.

The first set of cabinet doors installed

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