Designing Storage Cabinets for the Garage


Time to take on another large project!  This one will be for my workspace in the garage.  About a year ago I purchased several Workforce Storage Organizers for storing things in the garage.  They work fine and all, but with the increase in woodworking I've been doing, everything they hold gets covered in a fine layer of sawdust, which is kind of problematic after a while.  So to overcome that issue, I've decided to construct a wall-mounted storage cabinet replete with doors to store my things in the garage.

Current storage area

This design takes away one column of shelves, but it adds two rows, so I'll be able to store as much as before.  I'm planning on purchasing a radial arm saw later on this year, so it will be good to have some additional room near my workbench.  This cabinet will be 7½' tall, 12'1" wide, and 19" deep.  To save a little money, I will be reusing the Workforce Storage Organizer shelves within the new storage cabinet.  I plan to start this project this weekend and finish it by Father's Day.

Proposed wall-mounted storage area

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