Craftwork Area Cabinet Doors Built and Installed


Yesterday I cut out the door panels for the under-table storage area.  These panels were cut 20" wide and 24" tall from ¼" MDF board.  This morning I drilled the pilot holes for the hinges, door handle, magnetic catch and catch plate.  I drilled the holes on one board and then used that board as the template for drilling the holes in the second board.  The task went so quickly that I only managed a few photos shown here.

Hinges, handle, magnetic catch and plate

I chose to use nuts and bolts instead of screws since the MDF board was fairly thin and I tend to have better luck with bolts in those kinds of conditions.

Installation of the storage cabinet doors went pretty quickly.  I used my 24" level to assure that the doors were lined up properly and centered over the cabinet openings.  Now to resume work on the last phase of the project: the wall-mounted shelves.

Completed storage cabinet doors

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