Craftwork Area Project Complete!


As with all projects, there are invariably mid-project course corrections and revisions.  The craftwork area project is no different.  I had originally planned to make the wall-mounted shelves with backboards and mount two units to the wall.  But in the process of making the shelf, the wife indicated that she preferred a single shelf without a backboard.  Seemed reasonable, so I revised the design to make it a little more simple and added some mid-area reinforcement.

Revised wall-mounted shelf design

First I cut the 2x2 board down the middle at a 45° angle for structural support boards at each corner.  Then I used wood glue to affix the diagonal cuts to the side boards.  As the glue set, I used 1¼" screws to secure the diagonal boards to the side boards.

Side board shelf constructs

As the glue on the side boards and supports dried, I affixed the 47" 2x2 board to the top board of the shelf.  This will be the main board I'll use to secure the shelf to the in-wall studs.  Pilot holes are also drilled on the top and bottom boards for screws to be affixed to the support boards on each corner.

Top and bottom shelf constructs

Here's the finished shelf unit, completely painted, with all support boards affixed.

Finished shelf unit

Since I'll be mounting the shelf by myself, I built a temporary support structure to hold up the shelf while I tweaked its positioning for stud alignment and assuring that the unit is level when bolted on to the wall.

Temporary installation support structure

After a few minutes and a couple of tweaks, the shelf is completely bolted to the wall.  The temporary support structure is removed and busted down, and a couple of base supports are added to the shelf for additional support.  And with that, the craftwork area project is complete!

Finished wall-mounted shelf installed

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Marie Dyson said...

Woohooo I have the great hubby in the world! Thanks sweetie for the wonderful craft area! *smooch*