Making My Workshop Clock


Today I took the inexpensive circular saw blade I mentioned in a previous post and made my workshop clock. The design is exceedingly simple and uses an equally inexpensive, battery-powered clock movement. These can be purchased at most craft stores for about $5.00 or less. I got the movement for this clock from an old, busted up mantel clock I'd salvaged years ago.

Mounting the movement may require a few additional washers to pad the space between the movement and the saw blade, but that's about as difficult as it gets. This exploded view shows everything that does into the project.

Saw clock design

I used the off-center hole of the saw blade as the 12 o'clock mark and made no other changes to the blade. Works just fine for me, though some folks may prefer to mark off the 3, 6, 9 and 12 positions for their clock.

Saw clock

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