Laundry Room Family Shoe Rack


Now that I've got my work bench nearly finished, it's time to do my first home project of a shoe rack for the laundry room. Using some scrap MDF board and pine wood left over from the construction of the work bench, I've drawn up a three-level shoe rack that will accommodate the outdoor shoes for every member of the family. I constructed this to be very sturdy since it will inevitably take a lot of abuse with shoes & boots being tossed in it and so on.

Shoe rack design

The construction part went so quickly that I forgot to take photos until I'd already put a coat of white latex semi-gloss on the thing.

Shoe rack main body

Each of the individual shelves are also painted and can be readily removed for easy clean-up.

Shoe rack shelves

And here we have the finished product ready to go. It'll fit in quite nicely next to the washing machine and should provide years of solid use.

Completed shoe rack

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