Functional Additions to the Work Bench


Got the pre-treated moulding for the sink this week, whipped out the mitre box, and cut out the framing for the sink edge. The edges were sealed with bathtub/shower caulk and everything set up just fine.

Work area sink

It's a rare treat when things come together so quickly, so I marched on and installed my new vise on my work bench. This vise has a 270° rotating base, so I bolted it in using 2" 5/16" hex bolts with 1/2" washers on top and 1" washers on the under side. The vise is set so it can pivot 135° either way.

Wood and metal vise

Some folks prefer peg boards to hang their hand tools. I personally prefer using solid board and hand drawing the hand tool silhouettes on the board. This just works better for me since I like knowing what tools are missing without having to stop to think which ones I've used lately. So I spent the rest of the morning painting in the tool outlines.

Tool board

Once I was reasonably happy with the hand tool board, I hammered in the nails by which the tools will hang. Then I affixed the board to the in-wall studs with four wood screws. I have the board elevated 3" above the work surface.

Tool board hung

Then I loaded up the board with almost all of my hand tools. Works well for me!

Tool board loaded with hand tools

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