Progress on the Wife's Craftwork Area...


I resumed work on the craft area work bench for the wife this morning and things have been progressing nicely.  Each corner of the support frame is reinforced with a metal right angle brace.  This may be over-engineering the frame, but the goal is to have this last for several years and take a lot of heavy use.  My view is that it's better that the design be tougher than it needs to be.

Wall mounted wood with first long support frame

After putting in the second long frame, I added perpendicular support struts as shown here.  These are also reinforced at the corners with right angle braces.

Long support frame with perpendicular supports

In order to make the end supports a little more aesthetically appealing, I cut two sections of MDF board at right angles witha 45° diagonal cut.  This gives much-needed structural support to the bench top while leaving a small side profile.

Diagonal support

This support structure is anchored to the wall with 2½" screws.  It's also connected to the wall brace with another 2½" screw and a right angle brace.

Reverse view of diagonal support

After installing both end supports, I affixed long boards from the support corners to the main frame body.  These boards will serve to support the table top that I'll be bolting on tomorrow morning.

Nearly completed frame

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