Further Progress on the Craftwork Area...


Today was a busy and productive day, but you wouldn't know it from these two photos.  Today I cut a dozen custom-fitted boards for the craft work table and under table storage area.  I also gave 7 of those boards two to three coats of paint.

What you see here is the work area frame with four of the table top boards laid on for test fit.  I'm pretty pleased with the initial fit, though I did determine that the walls aren't perfectly flat (each has a very slight convex bow), so I'm going to be picking up 24' of quarter round white moulding to accommodate the slight gaps along the tabletop edge and its mated wall.

Work area frame with table tops

I also put in place the framing for the under-table storage area.  This addition further strengthens the core frame of the table top and will provide 24 square feet of storage for all sorts of craft supplies that the wife uses.  I made a slight departure from the original design and increased the door openings by 2" at the top.  This only made sense with the 3 & 5/8" edge that I had to put above the storage area opening.

Tomorrow I expect to have the two shelves installed in this storage area and have all the table top sections affixed.  Time permitting, I'll also pick up the moulding and affix that to the table top as well.  And if I feel really ambitious, I'll see about painting all the unfinished surfaces tomorrow as well.

Under area storage space

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