Continuing Work on the Water Heater Cabinet


Work continues on the water heater cabinet.  This weekend I picked up a 80"x30" folding louvered door for the front.  It's a nice fit, but it was a bit difficult working it into the metal frame.  Metal is a forgiving medium, but it is uncompromising to say the least.  I've found that for every addition I've made, I've had to undo at least two previous steps just to proceed one step further.  This is more an issue of my novice status with metal, I'm sure.

Cabinet frame with louvered door

Anyway, the folding door went in quite nicely and I'm very pleased with its smooth function.  This should serve well for many years to come.

Cabinet frame with louvered door open

I've made one significant departure from my original design with the addition of a screen frame that goes all the way to the ceiling.  I originally intended to make a screen lid, but realized into the project that the lid would just be a problematic to maintain with any dust that settled on it.  This new wraparound screen solves that problem and also makes the unit just seem more "complete" since it now mates to both the wall and ceiling.

Cabinet frame with screen frame attached

With the frame in place, I cut up the aluminum screen to fit and mounted it with little trouble.  The next step will be cutting and mounting the gypsum drywall.

Cabine frame with screen attached

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