Craftwork Area Project Nearing Completion...


Today I've nearly completed the wife's craftwork area work bench.  To start off, I installed the shelves in the under-table storage area.  The installation went very smoothly with support pegs located at all four corners of the shelf area.

Storage area with installed shelves

Once I was satisfied with the storage area shelving, I began anchoring the table top boards to the bench frame using 1¼" screws at each board corner.  The fit was remarkably good, even with the slight convex wall bow.

Work bench area with table top boards being bolted on

After I trimmed the right rear table top panel to accommodate the wall's slight bow, I added the ½" quarter round moulding along the edge and secured it to the frame using 1½" finishing nails.

Adding the trim to the back area where the boards meet the wall

And here's the craft area work bench in its nearly-completed state!

Work bench with all boards and moulding attached

All that's left for me to do is finish painting the exposed surfaces and make a couple of storage cabinet doors.  Then I'll start work on the wall-mounted shelves that'll be on the rightmost wall.  Not bad for a full weekend's work.

Nearly completed craftwork area

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