A Small Side Project...


I've been working on the garage storage cabinet for so long, I just had to take a break and do something else for a day.  So I drew up some quick plans to make a brick liner around an Ash tree we recently had planted in the yard.

Brick liner design

I picked up a set (18 each) of different colored 3" x 6" bricks: plum, red and yellow, as shown here.  I picked these colors to approximately match the pavers we already have.  The colors worked well, so I started work immediately.

Comparing bricks for color match

I tied a length of string to the trunk of the tree and measured 23" from the edge of the 2" trunk.  I laid the bricks along the edge of where I measured to make sure I was making something remotely approximating a circle.  Then I used a spade to make cuts in the grass and lifted the earth out with a garden trowel.  From there it was a task of making sure I had enough dirt dug out to accommodate the next brick.

Brick liner partially completed

It took me a few hours to dig and arrange the bricks, but the job was pretty straightforward.  I'll spend the next week weeding out the grass and adding a little mulch to the dirt area to make things look tidy.

Brick liner completed

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