Display stand project complete!


After my encounter with the table saw mishap, I took my time trimming the MDF for the display stand project using my bandsaw.  This provided a degree better in precision cutting that I needed.  It didn't take long for me to finish the center and immediate side pieces of the display stands.  In fact, it went by so quickly that I forgot to take photos until I was on the third section.  Fortunately, the construction of all three levels is identical, so this third tier display stand will serve as a good model of how the other parts were assembled.

First I cut all the sides ¼" shorter than the sides they mate with.  That way all the corners line up correctly when I go to glue the sections together.

Side boards

Here are the supports for each side section.  They're ½" MDF board cut in strips and cut to length for the side sections' length and height.

Support wood sections

The ½" MDF strips are glued to the sides using regular wood glue as shown here.  Then they're set aside to dry for an hour.

Side boards with supports affixed

Then I took each completed side section and paired it with the display stand lid.  From there, I glued the sections to the lid using the wood glue.

Display top with sides ready to be glued on

And here's the semi-finished display stand (inverted).  This will be truly finished after the wife covers it in the fabric of her choice.  But for now, my work here is done!

Completed display stand (inverted)

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