Designing Display Stands


The wife, who makes handmade jewelry, came to me the other day complaining about the prices for jewelry display stands for her booth.  I was astounded to learn that display stand manufacturers were asking for $200.00 for a set of display stands made from styrofoam and cardboard.  Styrofoam and cardboard for cryin' out loud!

I wasn't about to sit idly by and see good money thrown into disposable product, so I asked the wife what sort of specifications she had for display stands and immediately set to work designing a set of stands for her.  After doing some test modeling using our young son's Lego blocks (they're not just for playtime...whoda thunk it?), we came up with the following design.

Display stand design

I've picked up a half dozen 2' x 4' sheets of ¼" MDF boards and will start work on the project this weekend.  I figure an evening to cut up the boards, an evening to test fit, and an evening to do final assembly.

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